About us

Family life is hard.

As parents of 4 kids, we get it.

So many people to keep track of and move around. Appointments, work, school, social outings, homework, sports games… it’s a surprise us parents manage to hold it together somehow.

At Lyf Board, our mission is to motivate and inspire families to live in health and harmony. Things don’t have to be this hard.

So say goodbye to that old whiteboard on the fridge and hello to Lyf Board. 

It’s the dashboard for your family life.

step by step

How does it work?

Step 1

Pick the perfect spot

Place your Lyf Board in the heart of your home… the kitchen bench seems to be the most popular choice!

Step 2

Connect and personalise

Connect our mobile app to your dashboard so you can personalise it to display the things you want and access everything on the go.

Step 3

Ask and you shall receive

Ask Lyf Board what to display and enjoy! “Where is Jim?”... “How did Tyson sleep last night?”... ”What’s our schedule look like today?”


Product benefits

Endless possibilities

Choose from a growing list of Lyf Apps for your family needs: calendar, weather, chores, kid tracking, meal planning, traffic and much more.

Designed for family life

Lyf Board is designed to be used for the whole family, not just individuals. We believe technology should bring us closer together, not isolate us.

Built with privacy in mind

Lyf Board only shows what you choose to share with your family. All of your data is securely stored on the screen or in your app, not in the cloud.

Bright & fun to use

Lyf Board is designed to be seen from anywhere in the room. Its bright, customizable screen and its fun colours can be clearly seen anytime, day or night.

works seamlessly with your favourite apps and many more
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